Digital Connections Children Corners Kio Kit Training

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knls in partnership with Book Aid International (BAI) are implementing a project dubbed ‘Digital Connections: Kio Kits and books for libraries in Kenya’. The project’s aim is to support development of knls libraries to serve communities in Kenya and to attract more children to an environment conducive to develop the habit of reading. The project components include;

  1. Creation of five new safe Children Corners
  2. Provision of Kio Kits to five established Children Corners
  3. Book donations and Local purchases and
  4. Training for Librarians.

knls 06

The Digital connections project covers ten branches (knls Kisii, Kithasyu, Murang’a, Kericho, Rumuruti, Karatina, Timau, Kinyambu, Silibwet, Rambula). Five branches have received Kio Kits which are; knls Kithasyu, Kisii, Rumuruti, Murang’a and Kericho. The other five will receive support to establish and equip the children’s corners.

The knls/BAI Digital Connections Kio Kit Training workshop for 10 librarians was held on the 22nd -24th May 2018. The main objective of the training was to equip librarians with skills on how to use Kio Kits in their work with children. Each Kio Kit contains 40 Tablets (a total of 200 Tablets) in a secure and sturdy box, pre-loaded with educational content for primary school children.



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