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Digital Connections Children Corners Kio Kit Training

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knls in partnership with Book Aid International (BAI) are implementing a project dubbed ‘Digital Connections: Kio Kits and books for libraries in Kenya’. The project’s aim is to support development of knls libraries to serve communities in Kenya and to attract more children to an environment conducive to develop the habit of reading. The project components include;

  1. Creation of five new safe Children Corners
  2. Provision of Kio Kits to five established Children Corners
  3. Book donations and Local purchases and
  4. Training for Librarians.

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The Digital connections project covers ten branches (knls Kisii, Kithasyu, Murang’a, Kericho, Rumuruti, Karatina, Timau, Kinyambu, Silibwet, Rambula). Five branches have received Kio Kits which are; knls Kithasyu, Kisii, Rumuruti, Murang’a and Kericho. The other five will receive support to establish and equip the children’s corners.

The knls/BAI Digital Connections Kio Kit Training workshop for 10 librarians was held on the 22nd -24th May 2018. The main objective of the training was to equip librarians with skills on how to use Kio Kits in their work with children. Each Kio Kit contains 40 Tablets (a total of 200 Tablets) in a secure and sturdy box, pre-loaded with educational content for primary school children.



Mobile Information Literacy (MIL) and General Training Abilities (ToT)

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Mobile information literacy (MIL) is the use of mobile devices to access and share e-resources and information. The MIL cascade training, facilitated by 3 knls trainers (Sarah Ogembo, Raymond Chepkwony and Michael Kazungu) was conducted on 7th – 8th May for twelve (12) ICT officers. knls ICT officers are responsible for managing and maintaining digital technology in knls libraries, and for developing technology skills of librarians and library users. This training was aimed at building capacity for the trainees to cascade mobile information literacy skills to colleagues and community members.

Training on general TOT abilities and ICT curriculum review was held on 9th – 11th May and facilitated by Susan Schnuer, EIFL and Nyasha Sithole from Masiphumelele Community Library-Capetown. The ICT officers reviewed their curriculum and developed individual action plans for cascade trainings in their respective regions.

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Inspiring Readers Project-Reading Promotion Event in 5 Hub libraries – May 2018

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Five hub libraries that include: knls Rumuruti, Kisii, Nyeri, Lagam and Kabarnet undertook the task of conducting a reading promotion event in their libraries. The reading promotion event was in line with the deliverables of the Inspiring Readers programme Tranche 2. This follows the successful implementation of reading promotion events in the said libraries in Tranche 1 that benefitted the hub libraries and the schools that were chosen in the said tranche. The hub libraries main objectives, through their librarians, was to try to pass on skills to teachers on how to effectively carry out reading promotions events. This is with the view of introducing new ways to champion an active reading culture among the patrons. The teacher librarians got ideas, suggestions and methods of ensuring that they make reading fun. This was through the adoption of spelling competitions, word puzzles, read out loud, role plays and talent creation. The five hub libraries conducted their reading promotion events successfully between 10th-15th May 2018, at the library grounds.

Strengthening Innovative Library Leaders (SILL) & Library Spaces

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The SILL cascade training for 29 participants (19 TOTs and 10 Librarians) facilitated by 3 knls trainers (Mary Kinyanjui, Miriam Mureithi and Jacobed Masila) and Susan Schnuer-EIFL, was held on 1st to 2nd May 2018. SILL is a leadership training aimed at building the librarians’ capacity to solve problems that may arise while introducing new services in their libraries. The Library Spaces subject training was held on 3rd May 2018 and facilitated by Ari Katz, a trainer from International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX).  The training develops staff ability to innovate, to use library spaces in creative ways, and to take the lead in implementing action plans.

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Youth life skills and career forum – April 19, 2018

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The forum was organized by knls Nyeri with partnership with Member of County Assembly Nyeri, Hon Patrick Mutahi who holds the youth docket. The forum sought to address the issues of use of social media, career guide, goal setting and relationship with God. Participants were informed of the need to make quality use of social media since some of the items they share there might not be retrievable and they affect their image as students, job seekers and members of the society. knls 9

Knls also carried out a user education activity in order to raise awareness about knls Services and encourage good utility of the library resources. The session ended with an open session where the youth engaged the MCA on their areas of concern. More than 120 youths attended the forum and they thanked the management for the program.

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Digital Learning and innovation program for all (DLIP) – May 2018

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knls 07Nakuru Library with support from Goethe Institute is implementing a digital learning programme that aims at providing opportunities for the youth to access online courses in the Library. The programme was launched on 4th May 2018, with a stakeholder’s workshop that was officiated by Ms Elizabeth Wichenje of Goethe institute. The program will run from May to September 2018 and targets at least 100 participants who will go through training in five modules i.e. introduction to computers, journalism for social change, Html/CSS, Mobile information literacy, Blogging & Coding. Facilitators are drawn from the community and library staff.

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Enhancing the Reading Culture – knls Kangema

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Hon J.N Michuki Memorial Library in conjunction with Kangema University & College Students Network (KUCSN) held a reading promotion event with the aim of creating awareness of the library and promoting the reading culture. The theme of this event was “Enhancing the reading culture”. The event was prepared as part of creating awareness and encouraging the senior citizen, teenagers and junior readers in making good use of the library through reading. As a way of reaching out to the target group, the library partnered with KISCN and Ranet FM which broadcasts around Kangema area. The event involved a procession caravan, an awareness forum at the shopping centre and a public Barraza at the library grounds where brochures were also distributed.

knls 8The event was sponsored by Aberdare Hotel with 200 bottles of drinking water; Arden Brook Hotel 100 bottle of sodas, Aspendos Dairy gave 300 packets of milk and KNLS- Kangema and KUSCN provided 450 cakes.

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