Participation in the Churchill Kids Festival at Carnivore grounds

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Children having fun at the knls Stand during the Churchill Kids Festival held at Carnivore – September 2016 

Churchill Kids Festival is an event that seeks to promote reading and learning among children, exploration of children talent as well are help children embrace reading as an exciting activity. Knls Participated in the event on 3rd September 2016 which was hosted at Carnivore Grounds where over 8,000 children and 3,000 adults. The event was filled with lots of fun activities hosted by various exhibitors and participants in the event. At the knls stand, fun activities included painting, colouring, read aloud events, public speaking, singing, dancing, and spelling competitions. Children who exhibited exemplary performance were rewarded. A lot of interest and enthusiasm was also recorded among the small children especially with their great interest in picture books and educative toys. The librarians participating in the event were drawn from Knls Kibera, Nairobi Area and Buruburu libraries. Through interactions with parents and guardians of the children present, the librarians were able to have fruitful interactions with parents.

In order to make reading interesting to young children, it is important to integrate the same with fun and excitement. As they grow up, they shall appreciate its importance and have the drive to do it on their own without it being pushed on them.


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